M20 – TENNANT Integrated Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

M20 – TENNANT Integrated Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

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  • Effectively clean in just one pass – wet or dry – with FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system technology.
  • Achieve consistent cleaning results with MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology.
  • Use up to 70 percent less water and clean up to three times longer on a single tank with Tennant’s innovative ec-H2O™ technology.
  • Increase visibility with cab-forward design, open sightlines, and steering-wheel-mounted controls.
  • Provide an easy operator and maintenance experience with intuitive controls and easy-to-identify yellow touch points.

Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Reduce the need for multiple machines with FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system technology that combining sweeping and scrubbing functions.
  • Save on chemical purchasing, storing, handling and mixing with water-saving ec-H2O™ technology, which electrically activates water into an innovative cleaning solution.
  • Increase productivity by expanding your cleaning path from 48 in / 1,220 mm up to 62 in / 1,575 mm with an optional scrubbing side brush.
  • Protect your asset from damage upon impact with a heavy-duty wraparound steel bumper and optional rear squeegee guard.
  • Extend machine life with a heavy-gauge steel frame and corrosion-resistant Duramer™ body construction.
M20 Integrated Ride-on Sweeper-Scrubber 11

Maintain Health & Safety

  • Eliminate the need to manually handle debris with the high-capacity (7 ft³ / 199 L), multi-level hydraulic rear hopper.
  • Ensure safe operation by viewing your cleaning path without having to turn around in seat with PerformanceView™ featured on the optional Pro-Panel™.
  • Operate safely and comfortably with open sightlines, spacious operator compartment and full front shroud.
  • Protect operators from falling objects and debris with an optional overhead guard.
  • Maintain air quality by delivering exceptional dust control during both wet and dry sweeping with the wet / dry synthetic fiber panel filter.
M20 Integrated Ride-on Sweeper-Scrubber 12

Enhance Facility Image

  • Deliver consistent power to the brush drive motors, regardless of floor surface changes, with MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology.
  • Get a total floor clean with excellent sweeping, scrubbing, water recovery and edge-cleaning performance.
  • Leave a clean path and achieve exceptional water pickup with a Dura-Track™ parabolic squeegee.
  • Easily blast-clean hard-to-reach areas with the optional high-powered pressure washer.
  • Protect your facility and machine from damage with cushioned corner rollers.
M20 Integrated Ride-on Sweeper-Scrubber 7

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Reduce training and simplify operation with the Touch-n-Go™ control module, featuring a 1-Step™ start button.
  • Transform cleaning operations with optional Pro-Panel™ technology, which integrates multiple cleaning settings and on-demand videos into an intuitive, highly visible touchscreen interface.
  • Easily care for solution and recovery tanks with design that allows for complete visual inspection and cleanout.
  • Simplify preventative maintenance with easy-to-identify yellow maintenance touch points and no-tool squeegee and brush access.
  • Make machine spray-down and cleanup quick and easy with the optional spray hose.
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Cleaning path                                                        40 in  | 1,020 mm

With scrubbing side brush                               54 in  | 1,370 mm

With sweeping side brush                                56 in  | 1,420 mm Cylindrical main brushes

Brush speed                                                           480 rpm

Brush diameter (2)                                             12 in  | 300 mm

Brush down pressure (up to)                         390 lb  | 177 kg Side brush

Brush speed                                                           150 rpm

Brush diameter – scrubbing                              16 in  | 410 mm

Brush diameter – sweeping                              21 in  | 533 mm Tanks

Solution tank                                                    56 gal  | 212 L

Solution capacity with ES®                                            74 gal  | 280 L

Recovery tank                                                  73 gal  | 276 L

Demisting chamber                                         16 gal  | 61 L Debris hopper

Volume capacity                                               3.9 ft³  | 110 L

Weight capacity                                               390 lb  | 177 kg

Dump height (variable to)                                 60 in  | 1,520 mm Vacuum fans

Scrubbing fan speed                                          11,000 rpm

Scrubbing fan water lift                                      35 in  | 890 mm

Sweeping fan speed                                            6,500 rpm Sweeping fan airflow                290 cfm  | 8.2 m³/min



Filter system                                                     Synthetic fiber panel

Filter area                                                               78 ft²  | 7.3 m²

Dust filtration (to)                                       3 microns @ 99% efficiency Monitoring                 Yes

Shaker mechanism (automatic)                        Timed, beater bar Wet sweeping                     Integrated



Propel speed forward (variable up to)            8.0 mph  | 12.9 km/h Propel speed reverse (variable up to)           3.0 mph  | 4.8 km/h Engine – gasoline/LPG (2.0 L)                                            50 hp  | 37.2 Kw

Engine – diesel (1.5 L)                                       24.8 hp  | 19 kW Gradeability

Transport at gross weight                             10.0 deg / 18.0%

Working (cleaning)                                          8.0 deg / 14%

Ground clearance (transport)                                3 in  | 80 mm

Tire front (1), solid                                        18 x 5.5 in  | 460 x 140 mm

Tires rear (2), solid                                       16 x 3.5 in  | 410 x 90 mm



Length                                                                    95 in  | 2,410 mm


Frame                                                                  50 in  | 1,270 mm

Rear squeegee                                                   51 in  | 1,300 mm

With side brush                                                 58 in  | 1,473 mm

Height                                                                     58 in  | 1,473 mm

With overhead guard                                     83.5 in  | 2,120 mm

Weight – empty                                                 3,300 lb  | 1,497 kg

Minimum aisle turn                                              110 in  | 2,790 mm



1-Step™ one button sweep/scrub operation Touch-n-Go™ wheel-mounted module Wheel-mounted horn

Wheel-mounted water shut-off No-tool squeegee change

No-tool brush change

Yellow maintenance touch points Demisting chamber

Dual vacuum fans

Dura-Track™ parabolic rear squeegee Cushion rollers

Fire extinguisher

SmartRelease™ breakaway squeegee system FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system technology Headlights and taillights

High-density Duramer™ exterior InstantAccess™ filter change MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology Thermo-Sentry™

Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) certified



Pro-Panel™ controls

ec-H2O™ solution system

ES® Extended Scrub w/detergent metering AV backup alarm (LED)

Edge cleaning – scrubbing or sweeping side brush Hopper cleanout tool

Overhead guard Power wand

Vacuum wand (wet pick-up) Safety warning light Squeegee protection kit Spray hose – 15 ft / 5 m

Pressure washer (2200 psi) with 25 ft (7.0 m) hose IRIS® solution*

Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) Type LPS Certified

*Available in select regions



Please refer to your local Tennant representative for information.


For a complete selection of genuine Tennant brushes and pads, please consult the M20 Parts and Consumables Reference Guide.


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